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Sales with new gig's


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I’ve been observing that how new gig’s get traffic and sales from Fiverr… Last week Created a new gig and the same it got a sale and also in the following day too… but third i had issue with my computer so I had to cancel the order…and suspended that gig for few days…

after a week, I activated that gig again… but no sales or traffic received … so, tried publishing the same gig with few modifications again…but traffic, impressions, page views, everything is zero…

Anybody why it happens?

Please give an explanations and solutions! 🙂



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Hi and welcome.

IMO, one month on Fiverr is not enough time to “observing that how new gig’s get traffic and sales from Fiverr”. It can take weeks and even months for many gigs to get established on Fiverr. The first rule on Fiverr is… Patience.

Also in one month, you launched a gig, suspended it, reactivated it and modified it. Essentially each time a new arrival gig.

To get traffic, impressions and page views, YOU have to drive traffic to your gig. Fiverr is basically a parking space. Yes, eventually you will see benefits from Fiverr’s built-in traffic, but to really see sales, you have to be the driving force to get views.

As your gigs take root, as you rise Levels, as you contribute to the forum, and as you promote your gigs outside of Fivver, you will see a rise in sales.

1… Patience

2… Test, tweak, retest your titles, tags and descriptions

3… Promote your gigs outside of Fiverr

4… Suspend unproductive gigs and move on

5… Patience

Good Luck! 😉

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