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Create 150 Links To Your Site To Gain Exposure For Your Fiverr Gig


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Use Press Releases To Promote Your Fiverr Gig To Get Exposure For Your Service For Months To Come

Now as an online marketing expert I wanted to share with you a clever technique that we use with our big clients off fiverr to gain them maximum exposure online as well as helping them to gain quality links. This method works and allows our big customers to continue to get the exposure they need for months to come and allows them to gain quality links. Instead of them going out there to look for quality links, the links come to them and so does the exposure which helps our clients to improve sales.

This method can be used for your fiverr gig in the same way as we use it for our clients off fiverr, and now we are also using it for our fiverr customers and why, because it works.

One of the best ways to gain links and increase your exposure of your fiverr gig is through a press release. The reason why more and more marketing professionals are using press releases for online marketing is to not only gain exposure and drive traffic but to generate long lasting quality links that will continue to multiply.

Imagine, you have a high quality press release and then you have it distributed to press release distribution sites, the more the better, then each time it is distributed you will gain a link but it does not stop there.

When someone comes along to that press release distribution site looking for quality news etc., they will then either copy the whole of that press release or put it on their site or they will write an article using the press release, whichever way they do it, they are helping you to generate more quality links.

So imagine, you have a press release distributed to 15 PR sites, ten people come along to each one of those sites and writes an article (now more people will come along over a long period of time so I am just using this as an example), that means by using just one press release you are receiving 150 quality links.

Now imagine this going on and on and on, just by using one press release you are not only helping to generate exposure for your website and business, you are also helping to gain quality links to your website and improve your Google Ranking.

This method will allow you to generate more traffic to your fiverr gig and it is then for you to turn this traffic into sales.

Now check out our service from $5 and see how we can help you. http://fiverr.com/in2town/professional-press-release-service-by-journalists

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