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Making changes in a gig affects current gig ranking?


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Hi everyone,
I am currently a level 2 seller and my gigs get a good impressions-click-views regularly. I notice that the number of order increases/decreases with the changing of the gig’s impressions-click-views, which is quite natural.

But what I would like to discuss is: if I change the thumbnail(s) of a gig which is having a good impressions-click-views, will that negatively affect its current ranking in Fiverr’s algorithm? To be more precise, I was just thinking if making new changes in a gig (even if it is something very minor), affects the current ranking, because some changes are made.

I do not make changes in the gig considering that it might lose its currect position in Fiverr algorithm and order flow might decrease.
Would like to know your opinions about this.

Thank you all in advance. 😊

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