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How to share website url


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As website creator how to show your website to a client when you are working on it? if you develop a WordPress website locally let’s say in local by flywheel can you share it’s link with the client in Fiverr inbox so he can see the progress? is it against Fiverr’s TOS?

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It isn’t his link. It is the progress of the project. A link to just that client website, nothing else. If you are sending the work, it is allowed. How else would a client see it?

Flywheel is a program to host Wordpress websites for clients. As client login is required to see the progress of the order before it is published, I would get permission from Fiverr just to be safe.

However. If you are using the Flywheel program that requires the buyer to purchase the website via Flywheel, that is not allowed. But it looks like you are doing the regular bulk hosting program so that wouldn’t apply. Just make sure your fees justify the costs of running Flywheel, plus your skills and labor.

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