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I’m hoping some of you experienced folks could go through my gigs and let me know if they fall short, i have been on fiverr for a while but i’ve been unable to secure an order. I do have prior freelancing experience but still waiting to get a start on fiverr.

Thanks 🙂

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It looks good at a glance, but I think adding a few screenshots of websites you’ve created (either for a client or fake ones for mock up/portfolio) would help a great deal. If I’m an entrepreneur and I’m coming to you, I don’t know how to do what you do - I have a vague idea, and without a little guidance I may get unrealistically demanding, or disappointed when the end result doesn’t magically match what’s in my head that I didn’t convey.

Two examples - perhaps one in “Basic” mode and one in “Corporate Mode” (with 2 or 4-way grid splits and labels in the image, as needed to show off the attributes of that tier) would help a great deal towards illustrating what you can do.

Your text is good, I could tighten it a bit and make it flow better, but it gets the point across and doesn’t have glaring typos/errors.

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