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I'm having hard time on fiverr


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Hi @karendomnguez

But you failed to convince buyer order from you.
Here is some of point you need to improve:

  1. A Creative Potrait On Photoshop
  • First thumbnail is good, but second and third is bad

2 I Will Do An Artistic Graphic Piece

  • Sorry for this, but your portfolio had low standart. Need to show better portfolio

  • Again, need to be precice what exactly you want to provide client. It’s better to specialize your skill on one themes. What “Artistic Graphic” you provide? Need to explain more.

  • Gig descriptions:

    • Your Gigs description is very poor.
    • You need to explain clearly why client need your services.
    • Why Client shoud give you a chance?
    • Always provide FAQS. It will show buyer that you are professional. That you know “what you are doing better” than buyer.

Profiles Description is not convincing too.
Why you told us about your hobbies? It is not relevant for your business.

Try to look your main competitor.
You are missing alots right now.

Wish you luck,

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