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More Tips for Buyers


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My gig is business to business cold calling to generate leads, appointments or sales. I spent awhile putting a profile together that would explain what I do and my experience. I also have a Q&A section. A few things will go along way in your communications with sellers if:

  1. You read the gig in its entirety. When I say in its entirety, I mean the packages, the videos (if any), the about them part under their name, the description, and the Q&A part. I promise many of your questions will be answered by doing this one little task. You’ll be saving us both a lot of time.

  2. You have the necessary information, charts, ideas, etc. that the gig requires BEFORE you contact the seller. Otherwise, if the seller agrees to work with you and you don’t have the proper materials, how is it going to get done?

  3. You do not ask for samples of anything if there are already samples of their work in the gig. If there isn’t a sample of say an email that a seller uses in a campaign, don’t expect them to draft you an email for free. That’s what they get paid for. That’s what reviews are for.

  4. You don’t try to haggle with the seller by getting them to do something for less than their least expensive package. For example, if there basic package requires 50 contacts, don’t ask what will you charge for 20?

  5. You don’t ask for extra work during the gig without compensating the seller for it.

  6. You tell your seller exactly what you want and how you want it being as descriptive as you can be. Don’t just throw stuff at them and expect them to figure it out.

  7. Lastly, and I can’t stress this enough, DO NOT try to get the seller to contact you off the platform through personal numbers, emails, etc. This can get me fired, and you banned.

Thank you and Fiverr on.

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