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  1. I absolutely agree. It is so much easier for me to communicate and express how I am so they get a sense of my personality. I can explain how to do things 20 times faster. I like talking to people. I can get a sense of how they are and whether they are the type of person who would scam someone or not. Voice options would cut down on scammers immensely. Buyers would have no excuse not to stay on the platform. I know several freelancer websites that use it, and they don’t have half the problems with scammers.
  2. I also found ways to water mark your documents, so they can’t just steal them and not pay.
  3. Personally I wouldn’t cancel a finished order to avoid a bad review, but to each their own. Also it could be your buyer really just wants a revision? Complaining about the results is not always an indication that they are out to get free stuff. This particular buyer has worked with other sellers and it seems they all went well. Anyone can get someone to put up good reviews about them. How do you his friends or fellow scammers didn’t write them?
  4. I have a buyer who asked for a revision on work that I did. He waited until the last minute to request a revision knowing that the order would be marked as late. I did everything he asked me to do, and then he complained about the result. It’s obvious that he’s trying to get a freebie/refund. He goes by *********** Do not accept any orders from them. I’m going to have to refund this in order to avoid getting a bad review. In the future, I’m going to be asking for references from buyers who ask for work that can be stolen such as anything in writing, coding for websites, etc. Basically, anything that involves a written product can be ordered and then canceled. Or they threaten to write a bad review. He hasn’t threatened me with it, but it’s obvious what’s going to happen even if I revise it. Be careful who you do business with. Ask for references. Check to see if he’s worked with anyone before, and then contact them to verify. Mod Note: It is against the Forum Rules to negatively call out a buyer or seller. You may send the username to Customer Support if the user has actually violated the Fiverr Terms of Service, but the public forum is not the right place forrname call-outs
  5. Who do I contact to report a crazy buyer request from the KKK! I have no idea who put it up there, but it’s under buyer requests. https://www.fiverr.com/users/cherylleisten/requests?subcat_id_filter=79&current_filter=active
  6. I put in my gig. Note: I don’t work for commission nor am I looking for a full time job.
  7. I’m getting annoyed at buyers trying to use this platform like an indeed or ****** (Other Marketplace) type website. I’m hired BY THE GIG not on hourly pay, salary or a commission basis. It’s against the terms to hire someone off of fiverr for a regular job, and they don’t seem to get this. How do I explain to them that this isn’t the help wanted ads or ***** (Other Marketplace)? I tried to tell them to go to ******* and the word got flagged when I typed it in. I want serious fiverr buyers. What can I do about this? Mod Note: Post edited.
  8. Yes, in the gig analytics page. It has views, impressions, clicks and orders. I don’t get how a click could have a red down arrow if they clicked on it.
  9. I’m confused about how I can get a negative click. Someone either clicked on it or they didn’t, right? How could it be red?
  10. My gig is business to business cold calling to generate leads, appointments or sales. I spent awhile putting a profile together that would explain what I do and my experience. I also have a Q&A section. A few things will go along way in your communications with sellers if: You read the gig in its entirety. When I say in its entirety, I mean the packages, the videos (if any), the about them part under their name, the description, and the Q&A part. I promise many of your questions will be answered by doing this one little task. You’ll be saving us both a lot of time. You have the necessary information, charts, ideas, etc. that the gig requires BEFORE you contact the seller. Otherwise, if the seller agrees to work with you and you don’t have the proper materials, how is it going to get done? You do not ask for samples of anything if there are already samples of their work in the gig. If there isn’t a sample of say an email that a seller uses in a campaign, don’t expect them to draft you an email for free. That’s what they get paid for. That’s what reviews are for. You don’t try to haggle with the seller by getting them to do something for less than their least expensive package. For example, if there basic package requires 50 contacts, don’t ask what will you charge for 20? You don’t ask for extra work during the gig without compensating the seller for it. You tell your seller exactly what you want and how you want it being as descriptive as you can be. Don’t just throw stuff at them and expect them to figure it out. Lastly, and I can’t stress this enough, DO NOT try to get the seller to contact you off the platform through personal numbers, emails, etc. This can get me fired, and you banned. Thank you and Fiverr on.
  11. Thank you, deryn. I have put down some definite boundaries. I have three different packages for them to choose from. My pricing is pretty average, so I’m thinking its the fact that I’m new.
  12. Chat therapy is basically just someone who is lonely or needs someone to talk to and they reach out to me.
  13. that I’m not an employee. I keep getting requests, or more like demands from people, telling me to use this program or do this or I need someone to work for me at my payroll department. I’m looking for a virtual assistant. I politely tell them that I work according to the gig or project not as an employee. Some of these people don’t seem to know the difference between working WITH somebody versus working FOR somebody. Is this something that happens to newbies? I’ve only been here a few months.
  14. I live in Florida in the Tampa bay area. I do telemarketing, cold calling prospects and chat therapy.
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