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Buyers of Fiverr, what are you looking for when looking for a potential seller?

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I get that it’s somewhat of a difficult thing to pinpoint since the site covers such a wide variety of potential services, but I thought it could be interesting to hear peoples’ perspectives on sort of what they generally gravitate towards when looking for a seller, whether that be fundamentals that are applicable for every gig, or specifics for different categories.

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Hi there @rosenoire22, as a frequent buyer myself, I suggest looking for sellers with a good reputation. I usually look for sellers with over 2 years of experiences, has 5-star reviews and don’t have too many projects in queue. I hope this helps!!

Welcome to the community :rofl:

Warmly, Humberto


its true that must check sellers rating plus whether seller has many orders or not… i my self can only handle 5 orders at a time. i usually don’t accept many orders. make your work qualitative not quantitative.

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