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  1. Hi there @hasiba_designs. Welcome to Fiverr and the Forum. Glad you’ve joined us. Oh, you’ve tricked me there, I thought you were from Spain as Hola means Hello in Spanish :rofl: We have an Aussie in the house. 😄 Good luck with your journey!! Warmly, Humberto
  2. Guys! this is concerning. It has never been this hot in the Netherlands. last time it was this hot we need to go back 75 years ago. And even then it was 37 degrees. Today a record of 41 degrees, that’s absurd!! I feel sorry for the kids and the elderly folks among us. 😔
  3. I always suspected you were a Dark Web hitman. Others might have not seen through your charming cover story, but I did. 😉 Hahahaha… you’re hilarious… 😂
  4. Not too dissimilar to you, at least when writing creatively. 🙂 Freewriting helps quite a bit whenever I reach a block. Once I’ve freewritten, I usually find something in that mass of words I can build upon. A lot of writers seem to be at their best when they have a muse to inspire them. Where’s Hum when you need him?! 😅 Hi @ahmwritingco and @jave_base , sorry guys have been very busy. But I’m back now. I had some shootings going, sorry for my delay… :rofl:
  5. Well, you’ve found two fans already, so you’re doing well. Keep it up!! 🥳
  6. Hello there @ansonalexbd. Welcome to the Forum. Glad you’ve joined us. 😃 Best of luck to you. Warmly, Humberto
  7. Hi there @iqraarajpoot. Welcome to Fiverr and the Forum. Glad that you’ve joined the happy family. 😃 Best of luck on your journey ahead. Warmly, Humberto
  8. They really are! They’re so good. Your gallery looks awesome, Gemini! 😃 She’s really good, isn’t she? A true talent! 😃
  9. Oh my gosh, your images look awesome!! 🥳 Ciao, Humberto
  10. Hi there, I’m happy for you. But if it is your work, how come you use the same logo as shown on this image from Amazon?? :thinking: And how come you don’t know about your own design, makes me wonder??? You would be a very rich woman now if you ask me?? Because dozens of people are buying your t-shirt logos, including my friend?
  11. Hahaha, owh, I see it now… oops need glasses… 👓
  12. Hi there, no they won’t. Reason, is because earlier this morning a CS staff left a message that they fixed the problem. If you have issues contact CS and they will help you. Best of luck!!
  13. Hi there @yousramashkoor. I don’t want to be the bad guy here. But this isn’t your work, well at least 1 of them isn’t? You copied these t-shirts from the internet. You violating the TOS and Fiverrs regulations. Your account can get banned for this. Funny thing is that one of my friends, who’s a photographer happens to own a similar t-shirt as one of your thumbnails is showing where it says ‘‘I GET PAID TO SHOOT PEOPLE’’ is this a coincidence or what… :thinking:.
  14. Hi there @amara_tan or Amara. Welcome to the big happy family. Glad you’ve joined us. Owh, a new Artist, that’s nice!! 😃 I hope your dream will come true. Best of luck on your goals and dreams Warmly, Humberto
  15. Hi there @c3dric. Welcome back!! 😃 It is a nice suggestion, but it won’t work. Everybody here is part of the community. Making groups won’t help you to solve problems. We are your friends already. Share your deeds, thoughts, and inquiries and we are happy to help anyone in need. Good luck!
  16. Hi there @marcsteel. Welcome to the forum. If you were reading some posts you would’ve noticed that a lot of sellers having the same issue, and Fiverr is working very hard dealing with this matter. In matter of fact this issue is already solved but you need some patience for it to work properly. Best of luck!! Warmly, Humberto
  17. Oh, it seems you guys have worked out everything perfectly. I’m so happy for you guys. So I can expect in the near Future a well-known brand coming from you guys!!! 😃
  18. Hahaha, yea you’re right. You can always show your comics when you feel the time is right to do so. 😃 Well, I’m very curious to see the end results. Glad you have friends who are helping out. You only learn through trials and errors. Say hello to your friends and wish them good luck too. Your new friend, Humberto
  19. Hello again 😃 If I were you. I would use both. This way you will see what gig does well and which doesn’t. Maybe both will do well !! I hope so 😃
  20. Hi there @geminiwebcomics. I see you’re working hard on your gigs, that’s awesome.😃 You know that you can add two PDFs to your gig as well… so if I were you add two A4 PDF’s referring your work in webcartoonist… your buyers will see your amazing work and most likely order from you. If you have more questions, I’m happy to answer 😃 Warmly, Humberto
  21. Hi there @msdnsditlabs. Did I spell your name right, Oh yes I did, thank god!! 😃 Hehehe don’t mind me. Welcome to the community and glad you took the step to join the big happy family. No wonder, you want to change your username as it is indeed very difficult to spell stand-alone remembering… I see your new Fiverr colleagues already have given you great advice, so not much I can add to it. I just wanted to welcome you and wish you good luck!!😃 Warmly, Humberto
  22. I think Arty already ate some of my cake because there is only one piece left! 😱 Thanks ahm for clarifying that for Hum. 😉 Sorry @vickiespencer, I always thought ‘‘cake day’’ was a birthday… now I know the difference :rofl: Everyday is a learning process and glad I’m part of it :rofl:
  23. Ciao @geminiwebcomics. I love your Gig, especially your Profile description is so sweet. 😃 In addition to what my good friend @ahmwritingco has written I suggest getting rid of ‘’ For extra information: ask in private!’’ as all orders need to go through your gig account. Better to say… Please contact me before placing an order, thank you. Also, add a few more images of your work… this way it makes it more interesting for your visitors. Good luck with your blooming career.😃 Ciao, Humberto
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