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I need help with my gigs

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I’m new here too, but this is what I’ve read so far:

  1. Create different gigs for each of your skills (eg. if you are a good writer, make different gigs for writing articles, blogs, ebooks, etc.)
  2. Look at the top sellers, and the ones on level 2, and see what is it that they have written in/about their gigs that others haven’t.
  3. Try being active on the forum, it seems that buyer requests available to you are loosely tied to that.
  4. Respond to as many buyer’s requests as you can, but ensure that you don’t promise something which you aren’t good at. Lots of orders are good, but so are good reviews.

Hope this helps! Hello from a fellow new-seller 😊

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Ciao @giulialomartire, how are you doing? I hope to find you in a good mood? Guess what, your Gigs looks awesome! Nothing wrong with it. However, what I suggest is to get rid of ''I’m gonna keep my prices as low as I can’’ and my product quality very high!

The reason is, you don’t know what your customers can afford. Some customers might think your products are worth more than what you offer while others might think it sounds cheap and therefore don’t make a purchase. Just keep your prices low but not to low!! Just don’t add that to your description. Later when you do have some clients and great reviews you can always higher your price.

Also, you’re quite new here on Fiverr. Welcome by the way.😃

Keep in mind that you do have sellers here that haven’t made any sells for months. So don’t worry. I hope this helps. Good luck on your Gigs. Ciao, Humberto


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