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Got Cheated by A Fiver Seller called 'fragglesrock'


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Just wanted to share my bad experience with a fiver seller. There is this seller with username “…” and he has a few gigs where he says he wants to sell some android game codes. He game me his email contact information when i asked him for details. His email id is … After some discussion he agreed to give me the game code in $300. I told him to make some changes in the game and he agreed but asked for half upfront payment. I asked him for his company profile so that i can be sure he is not cheating me and he game me the profile of a company in freelancer.com but i still don’t know if he belong to it. So i foolishly gave him half the payment and he confirmed its receipt and told me that he would soon give me an update on the work soon. Ever since that… i contacted him many times… but no answer… so he was a cheat based in India. Please do not buy from this seller or deal with him… He is a cheat…

Sheriff’s note: Do not call out sellers/buyers. DO NOT contact them off-site

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