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Fiverr Gig promote


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I can promote Fiverr gigs for free in 2018/2019 by following ways:-

1. Facebook Groups:- There are many Fiverr related groups on Facebook. You can promote your Fiverr link in Fiverr related groups. It may not increase your sales, but it can boost your fiverr link views & impressions.

2. Twitter #Hashtags:- One of the best was to promote Fiverr link and profile is to use Twitter #hashtags.

3.Reddit:- Reddit is not a platform to promote Fiverr link, but a page exists, where Fiverr users promote their link.

4.LinkedIn Groups:- On LinkedIn, you can join Fiverr related groups and promote your services. Promoting in LinkedIn groups is similar to Facebook groups.If your profile is having good connections, you can use your profile directly to promote the services you’re offering at Fiverr.

5. Blog Commenting:- You can use blog comments for promoting your fiverr link.

6. Guest Posts:— You can increase your Fiverr sales by guest posting on Fiverr related blogs.

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