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Account Verification & QR Code

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Hi all,

I am just wondering has anyone else experienced this issue and how to resolve it…

To make the long story short, I saw a banner notification to verify my account on Fiverr as I had less than 10 days to do so. When I attempted to verify via the QR Code, the QR code kept redirecting me to google. I had tried this on different internet apps and kept getting the same results. 🙁

I had reached out to Fiverr customer support and followed all of their steps to get the account verified and us together still could not get passed the QR Code verification even on desktop and mobile. When I reached out to Fiverr Customer support four days ago, they said, “We are looking into this with our team and we will update you as soon as possible.” I told them that I only has 7 days left to verify my account. They told me not to worry about it as they were working towards a solution in this matter. 😞

I had contacted customer support on January 7 in regards to this matter and it is now January 22 and the problem still has not been resolved and I cannot do anything or have any gigs… 😥

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