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How Do I Force CANCEL an order


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How do I force cancel an order. I gave clear and detailed instructions on what I wanted/needed in the gig. The seller (after I said “are you sure?” , gave a clear “YES I can do all that”. Then delays then partial delivery then when IU asked about the rest, the seller said they do not do that and I would have to find another programmer to get what I want. I submitted a cancellation request and the seller said they had personal issues and apologized for not getting to the color scheme changes. Color was not the issue. A complete database integration was missing and they are incapable of completing the gig. Why should I wait for the seller to fix the color on half of the promised gig when I know they cannot complete the gig and I will have to start from scratch with another programmer?? Why do we have to mutually agree (actually be at the mercy and decision of the SELLER. I am not happy, the seller cannot complete the gig. Why is it ups to them to agree? They will be milking it until I let them have the money for work they won’t be delivering.

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