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…if you worked for a customer colorizing pictures. He ask you to give him a special deal like 5 pics for $5. When you go the pictures it was way more difficult than you thought and you worked days on the job. Three gigs = 15 pictures and he always gave you great comments how he love your work and such…like very very positive. Then out of a sudden (he still had ordered two more gigs) he becomes offending and even though you delivered he wants to cancel both last orders… I mean the one order was already done. He said all the work you did so far were bad he cannot use anything… Weird since he left the best reviews on previous orders and you helped him out… he only wrote you very nice emails and even send you his ebooks for free (didnt ask for it). Either way, I declined to cancel the order I already delivered the pictures and only offered to cancel the second one, even though I rather would have his best instructions so I would make the order and dont have a cancellation. I already informed Fiverr but what would you do? Is this happing others as well? I am just 7 months here in Fiverr… Thank you for help 🙂

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