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Yesterday, I realized something quite startling. One of my gigs has a staggering 17% cancellation rate. Another has an 11% cancellation rate. As for what these 2 gigs have in common, they both regularly receive orders from resellers who have no idea what they are doing and more tellingly, OTHER FIVERR SELLERS.

As a case in point, I received an order this morning from an explainer video seller. He has ordered from my explainer video gig. He charges up to quadruple the prices I charge. He has not read my gig description. Instead, he has sent a huge script and a 1 minute 30-second voiceover. - Both things which I explicitly ask buyers NOT to do.

Now, it is clear to me that this seller (who has no reviews), doesn’t have a clue about video editing, making, animation, or anything. They have a video on their gig. However, this looks like it is a cut together a sequence of high-end animated videos. More importantly, I offer nothing like what they say they do.

What is going to happen? Well, no matter how hard I work on this 90-second video which the buyer has not paid anywhere near the right price for, they are not going to be happy. This is because their end client is clearly expecting what is offered in their gig, not mine.

At this point, my buyer will likely request to cancel or go to CS to get a refund. As other sellers of identical services to my own have had no problem getting CS to cancel delivered orders previously, I have no doubt that this seller/buyer will not have a problem doing the same.

Of course, I could cancel right now. However, then the merry-go-round of slow gig death will start all over again when another person like this comes along.

So. here’s a bold suggestion. Why can’t Fiverr allow sellers like me to block orders from all other Fiverr sellers on certain gigs?

I can not understate just how damaging this has been this year to my ratings and sales. Almost every non-started order I have in queue is an order from a Fiverr seller with similar gigs. Every single cancellation on 1 gig this year aside from 1, has been due to other sellers ordering that gig and immediately asking to cancel.

Every time this happens, my sales go down, my stress goes through the roof, and no matter what I do, I have to take the hit. This is not fair. More to the point though, why do sellers like myself always seem to live on edge worrying about everything, when talentless no hopes like this get to run around freely doing what they want, and occasionally get a rising talent badge for the trouble?

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