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Who to contact when I've received an unjust review


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So I need to ask … Is this review unjust?

"xxxx 26 days ago:

Uses his old bulk badges… nothing new or innovative here. Quick delivery though :)"

I’ve read thatpersonal taste is not a valid reason for rejection, cancellation, or negative feedback as per Fiverr’s policy. Is this correct or did I misinterpret the policies?

So how do I go about to contact Fiverr Support to have them take a look at this? The order is closed so I can’t use the Resolution Center, but there has to be another way, right? The Support Center http://support.fiverr.com appears to be somewhat confusing for me or maybe I’m just not playing with a full deck of cards. I know there is an option to “Submit a request” - but is this the right way to go (I could not find a suitable option from the drop down box that follows with this option)?

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I don’t think I have ever read that personal taste is NOT a valid reason for negative feedback. Certainly you cannot expect a refund based on personal taste if the product has been delivered.

However, I do not think the same rules apply for feedback. I’m not sure how you could argue that is was unjust. They did not think your product was innovative. How would you convince Customer Support that it was? (Personally, if I did not “like” a product, I just choose not to rate if the seller did everything I asked for.)

Could you tell me where you read this?

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Reply to @kjblynx: I’m on the border with this one too. The title says they will “make a logo…in 12 hours”. I have no idea what the gig instructions state since I have not ordered, but the title might lead me to believe one would be customized/“made” just for me.

Honestly, though, I would not expect a pre-made “stock” logo/badge to be presented. It would not make sense to have that. Hmmm…

The fact that the buyer did not accept a modification when the seller clearly wants to make things right is troubling to me too.

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Reply to @cheezees:

I have no idea why you say that the logotypes delivered are not in accordance with my gig description. Who ever mentioned “stock” logos in this thread? Naturally you get what is described in the gig - namely a customized logotype. Please refrain from describing my services such as “stock badges” because it might refrain other buyers from placing an order with me - ergo you are hurting my business. Not sure why you would do this because no where in this thread does it say that the logotypes delivered are stock logotypes. However, the buyer’s negative review says he thinks “i am using old bulk badges” which is his opinion, and he’s entitled that, but it doesn’t make it true just because one negative buyer says so. Criticism of the sources,

So just for clarification if anything is unclear:

I create and design my graphics in photoshop / illustrator - I didn’t use any pre-made stock graphics for the logotype itself. The gig instructions that the buyer is provided with upon placing his order contain all the descriptions needed.

On a different note; now the buyer is calling me names (“you lazy a*****e, you stupid Swede” etc - yet this order was placed one or two months ago. Is name calling accepted here on Fiverr or is that also against the terms of services?

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Reply to @print_it: Note that that is NOT what I said. I have no idea what your instructions say but YOU mentioned that the buyer said you used “old bulk badges” AKA “stock logos”. That was all you. Not me. You. The proof is in your first post.

Based on the wording of your gig, I would expect a customized logo. I have no idea what was delivered and never hinted that I did. In fact, I stated that it would not make sense to deliver something that is not tailored to the buyer. This was in agreement with YOU and YOUR SIDE of the story. I NEVER called them “stock logotypes”.

Just for clarification, REREAD my post. You are unsure of “why I would do this” because I didn’t. I am not hurting your business in any way in a forum by stating that it would not make sense for you to send stock logos to a buyer aka the buyer cannot be telling the truth if you, the seller, delivered what they asked for. I can tell you one thing: Look at the way you handle negative reviews on your gigs. You are hurting your own business with the way you snap back at customers. I would suggest you use that opportunity to show potential buyers that you are willing to work with your customers, even the ones who make things difficult. I have never ordered from a seller who speaks to buyers the way you do.

So, AGAIN, as a buyer, I would expect a custom-made logo from the description. It would not make sense for someone to claim you used an old, bulk, stock logo (A rare exception might be 2 businesses with the same name). I am not going to “refrain” from anything. You read my comment incorrectly and in fact are accussing me of something I did not do.

You should contact Customer Support about harrassment, which is exactly what the buyer is guilty of. You say you tried to make things right and they refused and are now name-calling. What an immature buyer you have!

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