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Sharing 3+ years experience with you all **Must Read** for *Tips*


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Hello all,

“”"“Many of my Friends and Clients ask me how to do good on Fiverr so i have decided to share my experience here as i got time for it”""".

I have been on fiverr since 2016 and now i have understand each and every thing of fiverr, how it work properly so i am gonna share some tips which i have observed here and get my selling more and more.
Let’s Start!!!

1st : Please recheck your complete profile again and make sure that all the descriptions and portfolio is you have entered is way more professional. Also make sure that its written by your hand *Warning “Don’t copy/paste any text from any where because fiverr bot gonna detect this activity and your gig is gonna taken under review by fiverr team”.

2nd : Go to search bar and search your Gig by your Title e.g “Logo design” not like this “best custom logo design…” because your sale are only depend upon your Title so please choose those Title which is straight forward with a perfect keyword about your Gig. If your Gig is not in Search you should contact Fiverr customer support and leave them a message “My gig is not showing in search” they will solve your problem because the remove your Gig by breaking the rules of fiverr TOS as i told you in 1st tip.

3rd : Thumbnail You have to be clear with your Thumbnail image, don’t be to catchy and colorful, it must be simple and way totally different from others and i think you should buy an Gig on fiverr and pay them to create a Thumbnail because if you invest just $5 to create Thumbnail it will Hopefully gives you orders and after that you will definitely not think about $5.

4th : Search Tags when you are creating your gig there is an option at end of keywords, you should enter those keywords which are according to your Title and work. “Think like a Buyer if you are buyer what you would write in search if you want a work”.

5th : Buyers Request Please use all your buyers request daily if you are able to finish according to there number.
Please be straight forward in Buyer Request, do not write too much in you Request because if you writes too much the buyer don’t have enough time to read all the instructions and gonna leave you Request and go for next. Just Say “Hi/Hello and start describes your proposal without sharing your experience and name extra because this is fiverr not a “”“Bank””". Just tell about your portfolio and give them Full satisfaction that you are the only best for them. <<<<<>>>>>

Please do all these “”"“Must”""" and i will get back to you again as i got some time.

Thank you all
Best Regards

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