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How To Raise Your Prices Without Losing Your Clients


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I was over booked, I was getting an average of 3 orders per day, tons of messages asking me about my services.

It was clear that it’s time to raise my prices because I couldn’t keep up anymore.

This all happened before Christmas, I thought I will take two weeks off and after that I will raise my prices.

Those two weeks, turned into three, because I had some health issues. After I went back I ramped up my rates and increased delivery time to five days.

The result, I stopped getting orders. Only my previous clients were ordering, I hoped that it will help me to slowly get back on track.

At that point I was very close to reaching Level 2 Seller rank on Fiverr. I have heard stories that once you reach Level 2 the revenue increases.

So I waited until I finally got it, but sadly I didn’t start getting more orders.

He pointed out that my problem is that I increased my delivery time. That’s all.

I should have left it to 24 hours instead of 5 days. So, right now because of that mistake I’m not getting many orders, I’m waiting for my gig to get picked up again.

What To Do When You Have Too Many Orders

So what is the right way to act when you are getting too many orders?

If you are already a level 1 seller, I recommend starting out by adding some extras.

For example, in the beginning, I synchronized videos with voice overs for free. Now, it’s a $5 extra.

I would go about introducing these gig extras one by one and see what effect it has on the amount of orders you are getting.

Once you have the gig extras and still too many orders, then you start raising your prices.

For example I was charging $5 for a 3-minute video.

Now I charge $5 for a 1-minute video.

If you write content, then you go from 1000 words for $5 to 800 words for $5.

Obviously, for every service the process will be a bit different, but don’t make the mistake like I did to immediately jump to the rates you would like to be getting.

Increase your prices very gradually and soon you will reach the level where you start getting paid the big bucks.

Remember to not increase the delivery time!

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Increasing your price or enabling out of office to decrease enquiries will hurt your ranking anyway, this will also hurt your conversion rate as you will be refusing to take orders.

If you disable your gig it will also hurt the exposure and revenues in return, the best way is very unusual but you can try if it works or not.

Write not accepting new orders on a JPEG image and set that as your gig image.

But please check if this is against Fiverr terms and condition or not.

If you loose the gig exposure due to any reason then it will take some 3-4 months to restore the same exposure level.

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