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Buyers prefer Freelancer's or Company Account?


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I skimmed through the forum but couldn’t find this topic, so thought to post it with the hope, it might spark a conversation and we can have some insights from buyers point of view.

What do you guys believe?
A buyer prefer a freelancer and not a company account or vice versa?

Over to you!

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Guest hanshuber16


I think it only depends on whether the seller is capable of doing an excellent job or not. Individual freelancer or otherwise… doesn’t really matter imo.

So, I don’t think sensible buyers would have a preference for one over the other. They would just focus on the professionalism of the seller and the quality of their work.

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Buyers on Fiverr basically are after freelancers. They are also looking to really get stuffs done so if company accounts are working at the same rates as freelancers, why pay freelancers?

Since Fiverr doesn’t indicate an account as either company or private, the sales you make are totally dependent on your ratings and commitment to the work.

Good sales brings in more sales. That’s the reason for levels on fiverr and not company ranking.


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