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A lot of people have told me, “When you create your gig you are allowed to enter 5 tags that best suit the gig you are selling. Those are your keywords and those are what come up in the search engine.” And that the more accurate your tags are, the more your gig will get pulled up, therefore more purchases. Is this true? If so what do you think my tags should be for my gig? http://fiverr.com/lilredwriter/write-a-3-page-short-story-with-your-idea--2


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Hi Brit,

In my opinion (and others on the forum and in online business in general) you want to find tags that are as unique and specific as possible. That may seem counter-intuitive but I’ll explain. You’re writing short stories so having tags for “writer” or “short story” seem like obvious choices. They fit your gig and may send some people your way, but there are many writers on Fiverr and if you do a search for “short story writer” you’ll see there’s pages and pages of results so your gig can get lost.

Try to think about a specific feature or aspect of your writing that you can offer that will help put you in a unique niche. Then stack those keywords. I don’t know what you are willing to write about but having keywords like “science fiction”, “mystery”, “monster”, “short story”, “writer” Then you’ll get buyers looking for just what you have and you’ll come up first in the search for someone who searches for “science fiction mystery writer”.

If you do a search for “product catalog” you’ll see my gig right up top. It’s because those are my specific keywords and that gig is only for people looking for someone to make a product catalog for them.

I hope that’s helpful,


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