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Express Gigs and "Request Modification"

Guest themefusion

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Guest themefusion


Just letting my thoughts in…

Have 2 express gigs out of which 1 turned to 2 days just coz of this below and not due to late delivery…

It happens that when we have a express gig listed and we deliver it within the 24 hour period, sometimes the buyer is not responsive and the delivery note to the buyer also says " Request Modification" …

What happens is that when a non responsive buyer needs to do some changes * I always do unlimited corrections) he / she just clicks on “request modification” and wow …

The order turns to the status “Late” or “Very Late” and also the express gig status will be gone !!

Holy crap, why shud this happen to a seller who has delivered the order in time and being gig penalized for no fault of him / her ??

Why can’t the order status be updated without the gig being marked as late ? I see this awfull… Your thoughts please…


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