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Tip for Buyers who do not speak English


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If you are asking for a video from another seller be sure your scripts are good English otherwise you will make your own company look bad if you are selling something. Don’t hesitate to ask the seller if they will fix your script , but at the same time offer to pay for it .

Thank you!!!

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Here is an example of what I’m talking about… This is literally a video order I just got and their script reads :

“Hi, I’m Gregor. Those who loved to ask a lot of questions to customer support=)

I received the files and want to thank you AGAIN. The e-text you sent contains both even and odd solution. Awesome!!! The same text on Amazon.com is double the price and only has odd solutions. Thanks for not dissapointing. Amazing!”

Holy crap that one is bad.... Seriously people if you know you can't speak English .. don't attempt to write scripts or be cheap and not pay for the video maker to write the script. I'm on the fence on whether or not I'll just read it as is or ask them to fix it .. After doing hundreds of orders , I'm just fed up with fiverr and the clients I deal with here. Its ridiculous...
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