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Help needed - copyright issue with item i bought on fiverr


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Hi everyone,
Some time ago i purchased a gig on fiverr for a casino strategy. In the PDF download I purchased it contains an email address that says to email to get updates on the strategy.
I did this a few days ago and the person who replied to the email said that the version i had bought is in fact fake and wanted me to pay him $1000 for the real version or else he is going to sue me for buying a pirate version. I have since emailed the seller on fiverr to let him know that the version he is selling is fake and there is no reply.
Now i am wondering if the seller is actually behind the email and trying to threaten to scam me out of $1000.
Does anyone know what i can/should do here?
I am not worried about him saying he is going to get FBI onto me. Yes, i might have bought a pirated version but how was i to know??

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