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Delivery ratings are false


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HI all,

From almost past one and half year I am struggling with false delivery ratings imposed by Fiverr rating system, they do not accept that this system have some bugs and needs to be fixed.

I mailed them 5-6 times but always got a template reply that this is system generated rating and is always correct no matter what logic and maths says, same happens last night too.

So here is more details, in last 2 months from the date (09.06.2018) I received 9 orders and one of them was cancelled, that means I completed 8 orders and also to notify that the order which was cancelled was cancelled by support team not by me.

Now if we calculate my ratings then it should (8/9)x100=88.888888% or 88%, but it is 83% only, also before last order was cancelled my delivery ratings were 100% but a single order cancellation brought it down to 83%, tow new orders brought it up only to 88% but then after two days I was again at 83%.

I sent a detailed message to support team but as always got a template message saying blah blah, nothing else.

Either Fiverr should fix this buggy delivery rating system or remove the level dependency on this, I am using Fiverr since 2015 and very happy with the results but this delivery rating system needs some really big improvements.

Let me know guys what is your experience with that.

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I’ve noticed that at least one of my ratings was not a perfect percentage. There must be an algorithm that adjusts percentage slightly for reasons only fiverr knows.

Then again, the platform is a bit buggy. So many changes etc continually.
I can not tell you why things work the way they do.

My profile says I have 23 hour response time when I look at it, but when others look at it says under an hour response time.


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