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The massage!


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As I was moving one faithful Saturday evening, I saw a crowd that gathered in a viewing center jubilating on a goal that was scored by their team. Everyone on that center was happy and rejoicing; to an extent that I have to go and see who scored the goal, behold it was Rooney, the man Chester united player. When I saw him and saw the way people were happy, I called the guy close to me and ask him: is it because Rooney scored that you guys are happy like this? He said yes. Now what do you do when other players that are not Rooney scores? He said, we rejoice, but not as much as we are right now. And I asked him why, he said because in this place, people like Rooney so much, just because of the way he plays. I said ok.

After that, I sat down and began to watch the match. While watching they match, the other openate scored and their fans jubilated as well, but not as much as others. I was there observing, I was so anxious to be motivated by the both side, but somebody noticed the way I was watching and decided to come and shake me whenever there club scores again. So unfortunately his club scored and he executed his plan.

His plan was to make me react the way they were reacting, to make me fill what they are filling, but on this time, he was operating on ignorant. He didn’t know I was filling it equally, but the difference was, I was not showing it; just because I want to learn something from there. so he tried everything he could to get me, but didn’t succeed, so I called him, sat him down, and asked him one question that I used to teach him, which goes like this: guy, do you know that this guys are human beings like you? He said yes. Do you know they are making use of their talent to entertain you and me and they are making money from there? He said yes. Now have you ever one day ask yourself, what is it that I have in me that can make people gather like this to watch me? He said no. Now go home and ask yourself that question and come out with answer and start working towards it. And before time people will start gathering like we do here and be watching you and then you will make your money, he said ok. Then I concluded by saying that, that is why I was watching the way I was watching, just to be motivated and learn from them. He said, wow!

Dear reader,

Is not about he that knows how to laugh that matters, is about he that knows how to make something out of his laughing that matter. I hope you understand? Yes sir.

So whenever you are going to watch this game, always remember this story and don’t forget to ask yourself this question and answer it to yourself.

That is the massage.

Your friend,



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