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Should I buy a 1080ti or titan x gpu


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So I almost have enough money to buy a hp workstation and just planning on the components I wan t stocked.

  1. hpz840
  2. dual e5 2699 v3 processors
  3. 16 8gb ddr4 ram

Now I can’t decide if I should get a titan x or 1080ti. The z840 has 1125watts so I am not sure if it can support two gpu. I don’t want to get a quadro because I really don’t see how it will boost the experience… I plan to use the workstation on C4d, maya, max, AE, silhouette, blender, and other 3d stuff. I also plan to give access to the community so that they can render directly on the station using a render manager. Since I don’t know how to use linux, I will use windows maybe 10pro or 7 ultimate.

Could someone please shine some light on what I should change.

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