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  1. I think impressions are generated when someone scrolls past your gig, clicks generated when someone interacts with your gig, orders generated when someone buys your gig… When this is my understanding and might be wrong.
  2. This could go wrong in the long term. Even if the buyer decided to pay for the font, how much would you charge? Assuming the buyer wants the font on the site forever.
  3. You can try to contact the seller again for more info on why there is no delivery.
  4. My ip changes every time I restart my router. My account hasn’t had any issues so far.
  5. @vibronx @genuineguidance and @vickiespencer Thank you for reply and link, let me have a read
  6. Thank you for the info, I can now rule out using the feature.
  7. So I have been holding off clicking the promoted gigs button because I don’t know more info about it… My main question is the bid for click or for actual purchases??
  8. So I have been seeing this popup on my profile and each time, it makes my heart skip. Is there anybody else experiencing this issue Untitled1416×318 66.7 KB
  9. Maybe you funds haven’t cleared yet. Check on your earnings section and see the date when the funds will clear, the date might indicate today but you have to put into account the time the order was marked as complete
  10. I think there was a thread about something similar. The conclusion was no you shouldn’t delete anything
  11. To sum it. If you are a seller or have added a service to sell, then other sellers and buyers can contact you because the option to contact you is added when you create a gig… If you are a buyer only and haven’t added a service to sell, then others won’t be able to contact you direct… Your profile name is available to the people who reply to your Br
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