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First fiverr experience buying

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I contracted the services from someone with 4.9 stars and 1000 reviews…

He never responded after 5 days and the order was cancelled…

How does someone like that get into 4.9 stars?
Is fiverr a piece of crap? This guy should pay me the 5 days he made me lose…
Never using fiverr again to contract any service… This is crazy… I just wanted to cancel the contract after 2 days of not responding and it’s virtually impossible… How can I trust anyone in this platform if a 4.9 stars fails massively like this?
I was terrified that the guy would send me crap last minute and charged me anyways… he was not one of the cheap options. And now I am terrified to do the work I need here… going back to ***** where my experience has been always good 🙂

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