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Don't Compete with Yourself


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Since signing up for Fiverr about 3 years ago, I’ve always had a steady rotation of about 8-10 active gigs. In the past few months, it became clear that my “bread & butter” was comprised of just 2 or 3 of those gigs. Sure, I might get the occasional order for one of my less popular offerings, which helped justify creating it in the first place. However, I began to think about my contribution to the pollution, so to speak. In order for sellers to be successful on Fiverr, saturation and clutter must be controlled.

The Fiverr editors do a great job of this by eventually removing gigs that never sell and users who never login. However, sellers must do their part as well by not saturating the marketplace with frivolous gigs that could be detracting from your priorities & goals.

I recommend we all force ourselves to deactivate at least one of our struggling gigs to establish a better overall quality of service in the marketplace. I truly believe, in the end, it will lead to many more sales concentrated in our preferred gigs.

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