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Hello guys can i join with you?

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Hi, i’m nick. just heard about fiverr before and my account was years already but that time i don’t yet enough skills to sell and offer my services to other people.

Today, i’m a developer as well a web programmer. currently i run my own game server the website was developed by me.

My best specialty is. Web Programming and Design (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP) i used framework also such as CodeIgniter 3, Bootstrap 3, Smarty. i have also experienced in graphics designing, during my college day i always join competitions in my schools.

I hope i am welcome here and then i need some advice what Gig should i make with a proper price. i think as a beginner i should do serve with a low price. but guys i really need your good advice that can help me to build my career here in Fiverr.

Thank you!

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Hello and welcome!

I think it’s a good idea to start with a low price. You can always make your prices higher later on. I don’t know much about graphic design, but maybe you could look at other design gigs and see how they’re pricing their stuff? It can give you an idea.


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