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How to deal with Client's Negative Ranting?


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I was almost close to reaching the Level 2 mark when I received my first Negative hammer from a client who not only discriminated my gig but ranted lies about it. After receiving 17 straight positives reviews, getting a negative one for no reason or logic is completely uncalled for; The fact that I manually do all the research instead of using bots and software like most sellers do, makes it even more frustrating. Why do the buyers presume they have to accept a delivery if they are not satisfied for some reason? Why can’t they communicate their displeasure and use appropriate tone to convey it in spite of requesting them to do so repeatedly? I wish Fiverr had a justify button for sellers which would prompt the Fiverr CS team to look into buyer’s online behavior before allowing them to post negative feedback or get the negative feedback reviewed by all previous buyers before allowing it to be displayed on sellers account. I feel previous buyers would take lot of things into account unlike the Fiverr CS team. No offense to anyone here but if unwarranted reviews are encouraged just to keep the buyers happy then it’s best to bid farewell to sellers community here!

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