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Simple Rinse n Repeat Method To Write a Half Decent Description for Any Gig


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I have seen so many horrific descriptions that must be hurting Gig owners sales that I thought I would post a really simple set of rules that anyone can apply based on time honored proven advertising methods. You only have 1200 characters so it has to be punchy. Something to consider.

  1. Who are you targeting? eg: ‘Blogger?’

  2. What problem of theirs will your product solve? eg: ‘Struggling to write fresh content?’

  3. What exactly is your product? eg:‘We supply awesome keyword rich articles that will keep your readers and Google happy’

  4. Answer the most obvious rebuttal question they will have? eg:‘You may ask are they unique? Yes, they pass Copyscape each and every time’

  5. Guarantee anything you can about your product/service. eg: ‘If you find duplicate content, we guarantee to refund your money in full’

  6. Call for action they need to take to get the benefit of your product. eg:‘To get fresh content on your blog now, just click the buy button and send us your keywords’

  7. Time sensitive statement. eg: ‘It is in your interests to act now because we will be offering less articles for $5 in another month’

  8. Leave a ps about not taking up your offer. eg:’ Do you really want to have to sit down and think up fresh content now, or take up this awesome offer and get on with other things you enjoy in life.'

    If you want to see how that looks on a real gig, just go to this one that I have set up with this format and ask yourself if that actually makes even yourself want to buy the gig.

    I think the above would improve many a Gig owners chances of a sale. It really is dead easy to follow once you have done it a few times.

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Not reading or not believing what your terms are is called the human condition I think 🙂

Maybe making those points bold might filter an extra couple of percent out.

I gave away 10 gigs the other day and when I reached ten I left a post with Mo More Freebies left on it. The next reply was ‘can you add mine to the freebies’ Go figure…

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