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Im backkk!

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Guest gamersuscentral

After 3 months out of action on Fiverr. I can happily say that I am officially back on fiverr FULLTIME and ready to rock and roll! If some of you dont remember me, well I was the one and am the only Fiverr seller on here who offers stop motion videos with my Star Wars figures. Yes, I do like playing with toys! Well their actually my sons toys, but still he allows it 😉

What caused me to dissappear ???

Well unfortunately I had my mother very sick and in the hospital. She is diabetic and suffers from numerous issues with her health. The main thing that landed her in the hospital this time was due to kidney failure. For a couple of weeks there, she was hanging on to her life by a thread! Luckily she managed to survive everything she went through and is still here with us all! In the process of all of this, I left my fulltime job. I am now jobless and really looking for some much needed support on Fiverr. Im hoping this time there will be no more interruptions and I can provide you with the best service possible. All of this caused me to recieve some negative feedbacks that I felt were not deserved due to the situation I was in. But it is what it is.

I hope to move forward and be successful once again on Fiverr!!

After all, on my first run I earned my self some 75 + positive feedbacks in a row!

Looking forward to serving all of you Star Wars fans out there!

See you all soon!


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