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RIDICULOUS PROBLEM! This needs to be addressed


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I am a huge supporter of Fiverr. It’s allowed me to make an impressive passive income.

And I just hope that someone from the Fiverr Brass actually reads these.

As I ease my way into Version 2, I’ve found a huge problem. Massive. I’ve already had to cancel gigs and been late delivering numerous times in the last 2 days because of it.

The “To Do” tab, formerly the “Manage Sales” tab.

It doesn’t show if a gig extra was ordered! It only shows the time remaining to deliver.

How can this happen!

Basically. I have some gig extras. One of them is an ‘Express Delivery of 12 hours or less’.

However, when using the new ‘To Do’ tab I’ve found out it doesn’t show that any gig extras were ordered. Nothing.

So, by the time I click to open the gig, in sequence, I’m already late delivering it because they ordered the gig extra… and I have no idea that they ordered it!

The original ‘Manage Sales’ tab showed that the buyer ordered the gig extra, and I could just click that gig because it’s a priority. (12 hours). Now I have no idea anyone ordered it because gig extras don’t show.

What a nightmare!

I know what everyone’s thinking. Just check the notifications.

But I can’t. I do 15-30 gigs each and every day. The notifications tab is a nightmare! And it would take hours just to check each notification. So, I’ve always relied on the ‘Manage Sales/To Do’ tab to show me what gigs have been ordered, and what gig extras have been ordered with them.

Why would such an important piece of information be removed from the sales page?

Like I originally said, a while back. The new Fiverr is geared to people who sell like 2-3 gigs per day. But what about sellers that sell high volumes? Fiverr keeps pushing that people can make a good income on the site. And they can. But if you’re going to push gig promotion and sales, why take away such an important feature?


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