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How to succeed newcomer in the competition with similar type of top rated gig salers?


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I know this question was posted very long ago but it came in the top results on google so I’ll answer in case there are people finding it.

What I do is offer more for less, I’m creating logos right now and some of them can take a lot of time to create, obviously you have to have the same quality or better than the top sellers, why would someone pick you instead of top quality if your work is not quite there yet? Both gigs cost the same after all, don’t they?

Offer people all the extras for the basic price, I offer a lot of extra files for a very low price. Remember in the beginning you point isn’t to make money but to get ranked. And don’t despair, I started with fiverr believing it was going to be one more of my failed projects. I knew I had the quality but I wasn’t ranking well in the search results, one day I got 3 orders out of nowhere, I believe the people of fiverr are watching for newcomers who can help them make money, so if you have the quality just trust it and people are gonna find you eventually. So, remember, top quality, give more for less in the beginning, don’t despair and if graphics isn’t really your area you can even pay for a gig main picture to be done for just 5 bucks, remember that picture is what will make the customer decide if they even click to see your work or not. Search through gigs and take note on what makes you click on them, if you do the same and give more for less money you’ll rank very easily.

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