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My gig dienied after years of working on it and has huge positive reviews

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after years in my gig ranked well and got hunderds of positive reviews now fiverr denied it and said : “Suspicion of fraud or spam - This Gig raises suspicions of being a
fraudulent service, spam or potentially violating Fiverr or a third
party TOS.”

how after all that time fiverr do that my gig has nothing to do with those calims and all my customers was happy , i really dissapointed on that deccission

is there any chance that i can get back my gig live again?

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If it’s the bitcoin gig you’re referring to, I’m sure that Fiverr’s erring on the side of caution - Bitcoin investment advice would seem a strange thing to offer on Fiverr, particularly as you were offering a very specific result, which may or not have been achievable depending on market conditions.

If you were suitably qualified to offer investment advice then perhaps you could appeal to Fiverr with your qualifications?

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