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My Videos keep getting Denied


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first your video has to be below 50mb.

I had made alot of uploades and also got rejected.

what you have to make sure that you don’t have copywrite music, you don’t promote your self such as promote your youtube,facebook or other people’s sites. you cannor promote outside of yttalk in your videos

secondly you have to explain what you are doing either by text on your video, or you voice overing or talking to the camera. and when you try to promote your service don’t mention any prices above $5, also you have to talk about ow much they have to pay.

i got this email from them after they didn’t accept my video, it will help you

Tip: Want your video approved quicker? Follow these guidelines:

-Use only your original videos Upload a video of yourself presenting your own Gig.

-You may include samples of your work, editing effects etc. as long as the presentation remains personal and made by you.

-Do not use the same video for more than one Gig. Your video must be in reasonable quality, your voice has to be clear and easy to understand.

Promotion of third party services, websites or brands (in writing or narration) or providing direct means of communication will not be allowed.

-Offering a service for any price other than $5 is not allowed. Make sure your video and -Gig adheres with our Terms of Service.

-Videos related to self improvement, getting rich methods, black hat marketing, and -similar are currently not permitted.

-When filming, make sure you hold your camera in a horizontal position.

-Please Note: You may upload a new video up to three times. After the third time, the upload video feature will be disabled.

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