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Reminder - Inappropriate Posts are NOT OK


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Since there has been renewed interest in some old events, I’m quoting a post from staff about Communication on Fiverr which DOES include the forum. Posting or re-posting language that is inappropriate is not tolerated. Remember:

Fiverr is a marketplace and community that’s open to everyone and anyone. To keep it safe and pleasant, we wanted to provide a reminder of certain provisions of our Terms of Service.

Communication on Fiverr should be friendly, constructive, and professional. Fiverr condemns bullying, harassment, and hate speech towards others. Violation of our Terms of Service around these issues can result in having your account put on hold or even permanently disabled. Writing abusively within our messaging system or fulfilling an order which contains abusive language or hate speech is also considered a violation of our Terms of Service.

If you encounter speech that you don’t feel comfortable with or that you think violates the Terms of Service in Gig orders you receive, please flag them for Customer Support.

Thank you,

Fiverr Team

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Cautions Regarding Potentially Offensive Posts/Comments/Forum PM’s

This is an issue that is already implied in the rules considering that a forum is essentially a PG13 place. Since rating systems vary from country to country, to put this more simply, public posts should be family friendly. Even though this is already implied in the forum rules and community guidelines, it has not always been enforced and has been even less enforced in private forums or within the private message system. The Fiverr forum is read by many different people, however, and any forum user can be invited to a private message (regardless of age) so there have been some concerns recently about posts, comments or private messages that are not family friendly. This is not a change to the rules, but a reminder and a notice that in the future this will be enforced by the moderation team more strictly than it has been in the past.

Due to complaints received, suggestive language, off-color jokes and innuendo* are not considered appropriate forms of expression anywhere on the forum. No areas of the forum are entirely flag-free zones if someone of any gender feels uncomfortable with a thread, post, comment or PM.

*Note that images, emojis, memes, videos, music videos and other content are treated in the same way. Please do not use these if they have suggestive content or in a way that is intended to be taken that way. This includes the use of images as substitutions for body parts.

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