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Guest arbinbd

Send buyer request with your related portfolio. I t might help you to get order. Try to send buyer request according to their requirements!

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In addition to being a seller here on Fiverr, I’m also a buyer.

From a buyers standpoint, 95% of all the answers to buyers requests suck. Why?

In my experience, if I, for example, post a request for a translation job from English to Norwegian, stating “native speakers only”, the answers I get from sellers will usually be something like this:

“I trannslate ur gig no prob m8 best price unlimmitet revvissions”…

You see the problem here? First of all, the answer is not written by a native speaker. Second, the answer is written with so many grammatical errors and stupid mistakes that I would never risk paying you for a translation. The “unlimmitet revvissions” won’t help.

Now, this is just an example of a poorly written answer to a buyers request, but this is a huge problem for a lot of sellers. They keep posting the same generic answers, not reading the instructions in the request, and not taking the time to write a great, unique request, with proper grammar.

First impressions matter. I wrote a post about that here:

Being a freelancer can be very hard. In a gig economy like Fiverr, you’re always competing against other sellers to make a selling impression on potential buyers. I see a lot of “how can I get more orders”-threads on this forum, and there’s an ever-increasing amount of sellers who are desperate to get that first sale or to get more orders. There’s a ton of factors that play a part in the success of any Fiverr seller, but one of the main factors in my opinion - if you don’t count delivering hig…

I also recommend you to read this great post on how to optimize your gig to get sales and create trust.


When it comes to buyers requests, don’t waste your time answering to as many as possible. Instead, spend your time reading the actual requests, giving a proper answer to it.

Have a read about why grammar is so important to us sellers here:


I hope this helps 🙂

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