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  1. https://www.fiverr.com/procaddsigner/do-any-thing-regarding-solid-modeling-and-drawing
  2. I don’t know if you are familiar, but now Fiverr limits the number of times that you can use the same keywords in the description. Back in the days, you could’ve, but not anymore. You have said this three times. Honestly, I think that the tags are required in order to set-up the gig, there are not optional. I don’t agree, it depends, but not all gigs need video. For example, if you are providing logos, it’s better to use static photos. Okay, the PDF is a good thing to showcase your portfolio, that’s a thing that I would agree with you. On top of it, do you know what’s more important? I guess you don’t. If I remember correctly, I have already told you that using your own unique gig description, improving your grammar, and using own profile picture, not one from a celebrity helps a lot. Oh, and yes, not using templates for promoting your gigs. That goes if you have your own blogs. Here on Fiverr, once you upload the file, the fiverr’s system renames the photos to something like this “1234421213131.jpg”. i think that is right
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