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Instant Messaging


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It would be great if fiverr had logged IM on the site as it would make communication with customers a lot easier.

One of the gigs I offer is game design, and I have had a lot of trouble understanding what the customer wanted. I managed to resolve this, but sending messages through fiverr over and over took me 7 hours to understand just what the customer was trying to say.

I know that the ToS disallows external communication for a good reason, as fortunately, communicating via fiverr protects both the seller and the buyer from the other party being abusive.

Applying these reasons I would not see why adding an Instant messaging system moderated by fiverr would be a bad idea (spam can be controlled by flood limits (with CAPTCHA, etc), and I would gladly code it myself if i had to.

Thanks, and hope someone at fiverr considers this,


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