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Buyer request area is filled with irrelevant requests


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My buyer request section is filled with irrelevant requests. Most of them are from other sellers, who are looking for work.

I am selling 3D modelling, Website development, Wordpress and Privacy Policy documents, and I am getting all these no use buyer requests.

On my friends account I saw he is getting so many and better request.

Why is this happening to me. First that new level system and now this… Why???

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This has been an issue in Buyer Requests for years, I’ll link an older thread below to showy you. Some days are better, some are worse. Some categories are better and some are worse. Fiverr really never intended BR to be more than a small launching pad anyway, this site isn’t so much for bidding. It’s more of a marketplace to display services. Staff is aware of it.

Sheriff’s Note: This post title was changed because the discussion was a useful beginning to unify multiple posts about this topic. Out of respect to the original post, the original title is below. Please note the original top post as well as some suggestions in the second post for ways to do this. Other users are encouraged to add their own thoughts to the discussion! Original Title: there should be more than 2 level, please share your thought. Hi, Level one and two every on…
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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