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Live Portfolio no longer shows my 500+ works?


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Hi there fellow Fiverrs,

This is my first post here in Fiverr Forum (or is it…? I don’t really remember) . I’m sorry if my English is so grammatically weird, since I am not really good in English. Well I try to 🙂

Okey, here goes. A few days ago I received an email saying that the old Fiverr is going off around this month. This makes me wonder, how can my future potential buyers have a look at my 500+ works done in the past? You know, the new Fiverr only shows around 15+ latest portfolio. And in my gig, which is a graphic design (business cards) gig, it is VERY IMPORTANT to show my potential buyer of how good I am with my design.

Is the new Fiverr going to cover and shows the previous portfolio? Anyone?



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