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I want to be a top rated seller but HOW?


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As per stated in LEVELS page: http://fiverr.com/levels Fiverr Editors choose manually to make some one TRS.

There are many factors to keep in mind to become a TRS. Like as: RATING, VOLUME OF SALES, Never break any rules of fiverr TOS etc.

As for Featured GIGs. I guess you need more sales.

I see other featured GIGs, all those gigs have minimum have 100+ sales

So i assume to get Featured GIG, volume of sales must be high in 3 figures. (its only my view, what i noticed)

Customer Support, they will give you better answer.

And i wish you BEST OF LUCK 🙂

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Keep gigging! Be consistent, be original. Try to offer a phenomenal experience, give your customers more attention & more bang for their buck(s). Your customer service needs to be top notch. If you go above and beyond, the fiverr team will take notice. I think I had something around 500 sales. Negative feedback is the biggest detriment. You need to keep your negative feedback either nonexistent or to a very minute minimum. If you have a large amount of sales, great feedback, & no neg feedback for a long time you’ll eventually level up again.

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