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Why doesn't my gig show up in the Fiverr Search Results?


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Dear all,

My Gig always showed up on page 3, and never went beyond page 5. That was since 3 days ago when I was still Level one. Now level 2, and none of the gigs shows up on any page (checked from 1 to 10, and so on).

Suspicion: 5 days back, I had enabled vacation mode due to too many orders I couldn’t handle a new order after that so I needed a break. Is it possible that this is what has led to my gigs not showing up anywhere despite my reversal from vacation to active 5 days ago? What am I doing wrong? (all my metrics are 100%, rating 5 stars).

Any help is much appreciated, this is really important for me. Thanks folks!

Kind regards,

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Guest raihan_siddik

I face the same problem.

When I search my keywords than Don’t show my gig in fiverr search result. Apply many filters but don’t find my GiG. Help please. Thanks in advance. slight_smile" alt="slight_smile

Here is some reply see that 😄

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