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Universal Nursery Rhymes


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So a buyer purchases a gig and says she wants an instrumental for wheels on the bus. Easy enough eh? (She also tried to get extra work for the price of one and I put a stop to that early and told her what you ordered is what you will get. Nothing more or less. I guess she got that I was serious and stopped requesting additional work.)
Now I’m pretty sure all of us (at least us westernized folk) know wheels on the bus, a long with the melody. And even if we didn’t, there are literally millions of videos that can show just about anyone how to play the song on virtually any instrument.

I’m a music producer… Needless to say I know how to play wheels on the bus and have created/recreated the instrumental about a thousand times. So I swiftly get this order done and deliver. Some hours later I log on to a nice juicy order dispute. Not a revision request. A cancellation request. Things escalated quickly.

Under her reasoning, she claims she didn’t get what she ordered. Then she goes on to say she wanted an instrumental for wheels on the bus and I must of misunderstood. Then said my instrumental sounded like some random rnb song… which I question what kind of rnb she listens to because there’s no way… 😂

I question my own file first, as I’m not a narcissistic airhead who feels mistakes are beneath me. I listen to the file and… it is wheels on the bus. I listen on another device… yep, still wheels on the bus. I listen through the fiverr previewer… yep still wheels on the bus.

I decline the request, and I tried my very very best to be diplomatic: “What I sent you is in fact an instrumental for wheels on the bus. I don’t know what you heard or if you have the right file but there’s nothing wrong with what I sent you… it’s literally a instrumental for wheels on the bus. This is what you ordered.”

She then sends me a private message, pretty much restating what she said in the dispute. That she didn’t order this and that she wants wheels on the bus. I also restate my sentiments: “No… what I sent you is the wheels on the bus instrumental… You are mistaken.”

As a precaution, I immediately screen shot the order and all communications and send it to Fiverr support. Along with the file as I’m sure someone on Fiverr’s support team knows wheels on the bus. I’m definitely not about to cancel this order. If I learned anything from this forum, it’s that if you want Fiverr to side with you, you better get out ahead of it and go to CS first. Screen shot everything and do the work so they don’t have to.

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