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Not getting any buyer


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  • It’s not your design
  • It’s not your gig description
  • Your prices are above average, yet you’re not able to justify it

I will design a professional SEO Optimized and responsive WordPress website for you.

When you copy someone’s content then at least review it. Do you know what SEO stands for?

…Search Engine Optimization Optmizied

I am also good at content writing and electrical design.

Your own content is full of grammar mistakes. If you’re a copywriter then in which language?

I started web development in 2013 and have over a 4 years of experience running a web design company.

You must have some clients then. Bring them to this site to get your started.

Besides, if you’re a designer and a developer then how come you haven’t noticed your broken bullet list?


Fiverr is not for everyone. If you’ve done everything you can and you’re not able to get orders then maybe you should return to your web design company. I’m not trying to be mean, but if you’re expecting to earn some easy money with stolen content then this is not the place.

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Use the buyers request section. Bid for buyers proposals at a rediculously low price. Be ready to do big things for $5. when you have a good reputation and reviews (probably 10 reviews), You increase your price. No one knows what you can do, So you gotta convince them to try you out.
Second, share your gig on the various social media platforms. They help too.

I hope this helps.

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