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What is Success?


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Why don’t you use your Gig gallery to show your skills. where you can uploaded 3 images and 2 PDF files you have uploaded only a single image.

this is where buyers will see your actual skill.

on you gig gallery you have mentioned many skills and you should place good images of each on the gallery and it will help you to have more orders.

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Hello! I made a topic that may help you. This is how I grew my ratings and established myself 🙂 Hope it helps!

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How to get your ratings above a 4.8

Hello! It seems the big question is how can I keep my ratings above 4.8? Is it impossible? I’ve been on Fiverr for roughly 5 years with a 4.9 rating. Id like to give some tips on how I’ve kept my ratings and hear how all of you have worked to keep up...

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